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How to get to the Resort

Corte dei Donno is 3 km far away from Santa Caterina and the wonderful Porto Selvaggio park along a road bordered by dry stone walls, cultivated fields, paiare and maritime pines. With our bicycles you can reach the sea in a few minutes, where the thousand shades of blue are framed by the low cliffs, by the expanse of infinite inlets and rocky coves up to Torre Uluzzo and by the wonderful Liberty villas of the beginning of the century that make it one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Italy, from which infinite cycle paths branch off.

By car

The main roads are:

  • the Adriatic route Bari-Brindisi-Lecce-Maglie-Otranto
  • the west-east Taranto-Brindisi and Taranto-Lecce routes
  • the north-south Lecce-Gallipoli and Maglie-Leuca routes
  • the Litoranea Salentina
  • the state road 274 Southern Salentina which connects Gallipoli with Leuca.


The ports closest to the structure are:

  • The port of Brindisi is mercantile, commercial and tourist.
  • The port of Taranto is mercantile, military, industrial and tourist
  • The port of San Foca is a fishing and tourist port.
  • The port of Porto Cesareo is a fishing and tourist port.
  • The port of Otranto is commercial and touristic.
  • The port of Gallipoli is commercial and touristic.